How do I adjust the Model 125 or Model 150 clock for Daylight Saving Time (DST)?

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HINT: If clock is set ahead of actual time — such as when setting the time back for the autumn Daylight Saving Time change — for best results we recommend you simply unplug it until it matches the correct time.

Otherwise, to change the time, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug recorder and remove case cover.
    To remove case cover:

    1. Turn key one quarter turn clockwise.
    2. Lift case cover up then forward.
    3. Reverse procedure to replace cover.
  2. Set Time
    Note: procedures are the same for both right-print and left-print models.

    Push down and release minute lever to advance the clock to the correct time (see illustration). If minute lever does not work, plug in recorder and wait for the clock’s minute hand to advance, then unplug recorder and try lever again. IMPORTANT: Do not move clock hands to set the time.

Drawing of clock works, showing location of minute lever
Figure 1: Front view with cover removed

For more information, refer to your User Manual. [ Download PDF version ] [contact-service][service-plan]

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