How do I locate and use the ARES IV Database Repair Utility?

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Damage to your database is usually caused by temporary problems with your operating system or by power transients. We strongly recommend the use of power stabilizers and transient suppressors on all PCs. The use of the appropriate ground connections is also imperative.

If you encounter problems with your database which impede the proper operation of your system, it is possible your database is damaged. Close your Ares Watchman System and immediately run the Data Base Repair Utility

Your Database Repair Utility is in the program group manager of this software — START/ PROGRAMS/ ARES IV/ DATA BASE REPAIR.

The next screen will display a directory path. Double click on Program Files\Acroprint\Ares IV\Datos205.

Once you have chosen the set of Databases you want repaired, select the Verify and Rebuild button. On the next screen select All and finally select Verify & Rebuild.

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