What is the memory capacity of the M6000/M8000 reader?

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The memory capacity of the M6000/M8000 recorder is 5460 recordings.

When the memory of your reader reaches “full” status (5460 recordings), the reader will emit 1 red blink with 4 beeps each time you attempt a recording. This means your recorder is not reading anymore.

You will need to make a full download of data to your PC and then erase the memory to reset; now your reader will be ready for the next load cycle of 5460 new recordings.

A normal “full” download (5460 recordings) will take about three minutes and will advise you of its progress and function status.

If you desire to have a printed list of your recordings, select the List button on the menu bar to access a print preview. To print, select the Printer icon.

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