How do I mount / assemble the iButton recording station?

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The mount consists of two transparent plates, one front plate and one back plate. The front plate comes with a special circular retaining rim for the placement of the iButton. Both plates come with an internal cavity in which a label or photograph can be fitted. The plates are assembled together (and to any desired surface), with rivets or screws in such a way that all contents of the mounts are securely retained.

This illustration shows what the assembled iButton component looks like:


For Recording Station wall mounting, we recommend the use of 1/8 self thread screws (provided with mounts). Recording Stations are best installed at a height of 45 inches from the floor level.

We recommend using water sealant around the plate edges to protect the ink of the paper labels from being washed out during the rainy season. Always use both mount plates. Mounts can be installed in walls, doors, furniture, fences, metal surfaces, trees, etc.

We also recommended the iButtons be installed in areas which allow at least 8 inches of clearance so that they can be easily accessed using the reader.

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