My Shift Interval Settings are behaving erratically and/or employees cannot clock in or out.

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It’s possible your system clock (clock display) and the Real Time Clock (RTC) are not in sync. Any time the system clock changes, you must also synchronize the RTC. For instance, you must synchronize the system clock and the RTC after every Daylight Saving Time change. If you do not do this, Shift Interval Settings can behave erratically and employees may be prevented from clocking in or out.

General Information

If you have not previously done so, plug the AC cord into an AC outlet and remove the clock cover. Locate the buttons labeled [P4], [P5] and [P6] on the top display.

  • P4: Changes values down
  • P5: Changes values up
  • P6: Selects modes and saves values
Illustration of the programming buttons and digital display

Locate the control panel to the left of the fingerprint reader and move the Setup switch down to enter Setup Mode.

Illustration of control panel
  1. Press the Fingerprint (FP) Setup button (located below the front digital display, on the right).
  2. Press the Down button until the LED Display shows rtc. Press Enter.
  3. Two sets of digits will be displayed. The first two digits set the hour in 24-hour format (i.e. 00–23) and the last two digits set the minute (00–59). Set the hour to the current hour. Then set the minute one minute ahead of the current time so you can sync the clocks as soon as the minute advances.
  4. After setting the minute, press the Enter button for three seconds. The two digit value for seconds is displayed (00–59). Set the seconds at 00.
  5. Wait for the clock’s minute to advance, then press and hold the Enter button for three seconds. This will synchronize the RTC to within a few seconds of the System Clock. As long as the RTC and System Clock are within a minute of each other, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Note: if no buttons are pressed for 30 seconds the clock will exit fingerprint settings. If you need to wait more than 30 seconds for the System Clock minute to roll forward, press the Enter button to toggle between the seconds digits before 30 seconds has elapsed. Each time you press the Enter button you will re-set the timeout counter.

Completing Setup

When you’ve completed the setup, move the Setup switch up to exit Setup Mode, and replace the clock cover.

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