The ARXSERVICE task is not in the Task Manager process list or will not start. Clients cannot connect.

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Clients cannot connect. At the server, there is no task named arxservice running in the process list of task manager.


Several things can cause this problem.

  1. Check folder sharing options. This folder should be fully accessible (no restrictions). Normally this is “C:\Program Files\Acroprint\”

  2. Try to start the service manually as a Windows Administrator:

    Click Start » Settings » Control Panel » Administrative Tools » Services

  3. If the service still does not start, another program on your system may be preventing it. This may be your firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, or anti-worm program(s). You may need to add arxservice.exe to the exception lists maintained by these programs, to allow arxservice to run and not be treated as an intruder. You should also add arxsvc.exe and AttendanceRx.exe to these lists.

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