How do I enter Benefit Hours for an employee (Vacation, Sick, Personal, FMLA, Holiday, Other)?

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Log into the ATRx Adminstrator.

Click the Punch Editing button on the navigator bar to the left.

Select the employee from the Select an Employee drop down menu.

Select the pay period (current, previous, future) by clicking on the Choose a Pay Period drop down menu.

In the Transaction portion of the screen (bottom left-hand) under the word Insert, type in a the date that applies. You may instead click on the drop down menu to display the calendar for the current month. (Note, if inserting time for a month other than the current, use the arrows on either side of the Month name at the top of the calendar to navigate to the desired month.)

After entering or selecting the correct date, select the type of punch to insert. Click on the drop down menu located below the date field and select the type of punch from the list (VAC, SIC, HOL, OTH, FMLA, REG).

In the field located below the type of punch field, enter the number of hours and minutes you wish to insert for that employee and click on the Insert button to the right of the date field.

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