What is “Max Time on the Clock”?

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The Max Time on the Clock feature allows the clock to gain some control over missed punches.

The feature tells the software an employee has missed an OUT punch after the maximum allowed time on the clock has been exceeded. The system will change the employees status to OUT with zero accumulated time for that punch.

It will note the missed punch on the time card and hours summary report.

An example: with a setting of 12 hours set for Max Time On Clock, an employee clocks in at 8:00am and forgets to clock out at 5:00pm. At 8:00pm the software will assume the employee forgot to clock out and note the missed punch on the reports.

The default value for Max Time On Clock is twelve hours (12:00).
Note: To Disable Max Time On Clock consideration during calculations, set Max Time on Clock to zero hours (00:00).

Editing the Max Time on Clock setting:

  1. From the main window of Attendance Rx, click the Setup icon or enter the View menu and choose Setup.
  2. Change the Max Time On Clock value to the desired setting.
  3. Select Save to save your changes. To quit without saving changes, select another option from the left hand navigation and select No in the Save Changes dialog box. To restore your original settings, click Refresh in the top right hand corner and select No in the Save Changes dialog box.
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