What payroll exports are available in Attendance Rx based systems?

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  • QuickBooks
    • Premier or Pro
    • Advanced integration
  • Peachtree Complete Accounting
  • ADP
    • EPIP or CSV
  • Genesys Inbound Timecard
  • Intuit PC Access/PC Access Jr
  • Oryel
  • PayChex Paylink
  • PayChex Preview
  • Premier/Premier Plus
  • PrimePay PrimeLink
  • QwikPay/QwikPay Plus
  • Wells Fargo ExpressPay/Express Pay Plus
  • Generic ASCII file
    • Comma delimited
  • Configurable ASCII file
    • Line terminator: CRLF, CR, LF or LFCR
    • Field separator: tab, comma, slash, semi-colon or custom

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Note: Attendance Rx software powers ATRx Secure PunchIn, ATRx ProxTime, ATRx Biometric 1000 and timeQplus Biometric (v2).

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