Can I use a biometric fingerprint reader (ATRx Secure PunchIn device) with an ATRx ProxTime system?

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Biometric devices such as the Secure PunchIn fingerprint reader require a special biometric-enabled version of the Attendance Rx software. The standard version of Attendance Rx that ships with ATRx ProxTime does not support the use of biometric devices.

(Note: biometric-enabled Attendance Rx software can also support the use of ProxTime terminals.)

Note that the Secure PunchIn fingerprint reader can only be used for PC punching. You must connect the fingerprint reader to a USB port on the computer where employees will be punching in and out.

For more information or to purchase an upgrade to timeQplus, which supports a wider variety of devices (including biometric and badge readers on the same system), call the Acroprint Systems Sales department at 1-800-334-7190.

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