I am having trouble importing or exporting to QuickBooks. Run-time error: Cannot create QBXMLRP COM component

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This error will occur if you attempt to perform import/export functions with Quickbooks, and the Quickbooks software has not been installed on the same computer as the Attendance Rx database.


  1. Install Quickbooks on the same computer with the Attendance Rx database.

    It must be open (on your company file) and running for both import and export functions after you install and configure the Attendance Rx interface.

  2. Make sure you read and follow the steps in the following document to correctly configure the interface between Quickbooks and Attendance Rx:

    QuickBooks 2008 Integration Instructions for Attendance Rx
    (Right click and select Save File As to download to your hard drive)

    QuickBooks Integration Instructions for Attendance Rx (QB versions prior to 2008)
    (Right click and select Save File As to download to your hard drive)

  3. Make sure your list of Employee names in Quickbooks contain no punctuation.

    Example: Tom J. Smith must appear as Tom J Smith

    When Attendance Rx saves names in its database field, the period is removed. If QuickBooks is saved with the period after the middle initial, when the export occurs there is a name mismatch because Quickbooks still has the middle initial with period and Attendance Rx does not.

  4. Make sure your Quickbooks company file name contains only letters, numbers, or spaces. If it contains other punctuation or special characters, the export will fail.

  5. Using the QB program:
    Verify that QuickBooks is not blocking Attendance Rx.
    Verify the file name and location through FILE > OPEN PREVIOUS COMPANY

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