I receive “low system resources” errors from Windows when I attempt various Attendance Rx functions.

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This error may be caused by a number of different problems.

Your CPU, or central processor, may be extremely busy. This may occur due to too many running processes, or an errant process looping.
Use the Windows Task Manager to examine the running processes in your system. Check for high CPU use (near 100%) and identify the process that may be causing it.
Your hard disk may be full, or contains excessive number of temporary files.
Run the Windows Disk Cleanup utility:
Click Start » Programs » Accessories » System Tools » Disk Cleanup
Then reboot the computer when instructed.
If you are using the Network Edition of Attendace Rx, you will get this message on a client machine that cannot find the server.
Make sure the server is up and running.
Make sure the server can be pinged from the client.
Make sure your firewall or anti-virus software is not blocking Attendance Rx.
You may need to reinstall your Attendance Rx software.
You want to try uninstalling and reinstalling the software you have, as this may correct errors that have crept into your system. If you are running an older version you may want to upgrade to the latest version (make sure you have the necessary install key first). Contact Acroprint Technical Support if you need assistance.
Your database may contain errors. Your database may become corrupted due to incorrect time setting on your computer, user errors in changing pay period dates, and hardware or software errors.
Initializing your database will help correct these problems, but will cause a loss of your existing punch data, so we recommend you print your Timecard or Hours Summary Reports for your current and previous pay periods first.

When you are ready to proceed with initializing your database, follow these steps:

  • Exit Attendance Rx if it is running by right-clicking its taskbar system tray icon, and selecting Exit.
  • Right-click the system tray icon again, then click System Utilities. Login with your admin password.
  • Click the Initialize Database button. Follow the wizard directions to complete the process.
  • When the process is finished, log back in to the Attendance Rx Administrator and enter back any hours owed to your employees using the Edit Totals feature of the Punch Editor screen. You can use the Hours Summary Report you printed earlier to get the number of hours.
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