How do I save reports to files so I can email them to another location?

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From the main window of the Attendance Rx Administrator, click the Reports icon, or click on the View menu and choose Reports.

Select the type of report you wish to output.

Select the filter criteria if applicable. This includes All Employees, Individual Employee(s), or Individual Shift or Salaried Employee.

If Individual Employee(s) is selected, select the employee(s)s name. If Individual Shift is selected, select the shift number.

If you are generating either Hours Summary or Time Card reports, select either the current, previous or one of the available archived pay periods.

Select the method by which you want the report sorted if appropriate. Methods available include First name, Last name, Badge number, Employee number or Shift.

Select the output (where you want the report to go). Choices include Print, Preview, or Export. The Export option allows the user to create a file in the following formats: PDF, XLS, TXT or HTML.

Select a location for the file to be stored, name the file and click Save.

Select Close to return to the main window of the Attendance Rx Administrator.

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