Important Instructions for upgrading Attendance Rx software

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In order to successfully update an older version of Attendance Rx to the latest release, you must first insure your existing product has an install (activation) key, not simply a serial number. Attempting to upgrade without an activation key can lead to database corruption and data loss.

If you are currently running an older version of the Attendance Rx software, it is possible you may not have an install/activation key. To determine if your software has an install key, right click on the Attendance Rx icon in your System Tray and select About… from the pop up menu. Alternatively, you may launch the Attendance Rx Administrator, and select Help -> About… from the menu bar at the upper left corner of the Administrator window.

This will launch an informational window that will tell you the version of Attendance Rx software you are running and display your install key, if one is available.

Your serial number will look similar to this example: 0006999DK
An install key looks similar to this example: 56GRB30YDJYZAB3Z32

If you have a serial number and not an install key and wish to upgrade your software to the latest release, you must contact Acroprint Technical Support at 800-334-7190 or via e-mail to obtain an install/activation key before you attempt the upgrade.

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