Tips for Fingerprint Biometric Scanning & Registration

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When an employee is first enrolled in a fingerprint based biometric system the firmware records a template of the employee’s fingerprint and associates that template with the employee’s ID number.

One common misconception is that the entire fingerprint is recorded; the template actually measures various points on the fingerprint as means to identify the employee.

Each time the employee attempts to clock in or out the system verifies that the newly scanned fingerprint matches the template originally stored for that employee. If there is a match, punch is recorded, if no match is found the employee will be instructed to try again.

To ensure that the fingerprint reader template is registered properly, always remember to lay the finger flat on the reader holding the fingerprint in place for approximately one and half to two seconds to allow proper time for the fingerprint reader to identify the fingerprint.

Each time the employee uses the fingerprint reader to clock in or out their finger must be placed on the fingerprint reader in the same manner as when the fingerprint was registered.

Because of the sensitivity of the reader all points that were registered on the fingerprint at the time of initial registration must be visible to record a valid punch.

Things to avoid insuring a good fingerprint reading:

  • Using dirty hands
  • Damaged fingers
  • Rushing to enter punch (exercise patience)
  • Rolling finger (always lay the fingerprint as flat as possible)
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