How to find an unused port

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Note: The information contained in this section is for informational purposes only and is only intended to provide guidance for network administrators.


By default, ProPunch uses port 80 to communicate with web clients. This port value may need to be changed if there is a port conflict with another application, for example. The steps below are intended as a guide for your network administrator or someone who is most familiar with your network configuration. The information may vary depending on your computer


    • On the computer/server on which the ProPunch server is installed, open a command prompt window by pressing at the same time the Windows Logo key (between the left Ctrl and Alt key on the keyboard) and the letter R. The Run/Open prompt will appear. Type cmd and click OK.

    • In the command prompt, type netstat –ao|find /I “listening” and press Enter.
      Note: It may take several seconds before the command completes.

  • If the port is not listed in column 2, then it is unused and is available for use with ProPunch. For example, in the image above, port 81 is available since it does not appear in “0.0.0:xx” and “[::]:xx”.
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