How to move the ProPunch server to a different computer

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  1. Make sure the ProPunch version on the old computer is at the latest version (click Search For Updates on dashboard and follow prompts).
  2. After the update completes, click Backup Now to create a database backup. The backup file will be saved in the folder specified in the Backup Location field on the dashboard. This backup should be copied so that it can be restored on the new computer.
  3. On the old computer, launch the ProPunch interface by clicking Open Pro Punch on the dashboard.
  4. Login as an administrator and go to Help > About ProPunch.
  5. Click Deactivate to deactivate ProPunch on the old computer.
  6. Install ProPunch on the new computer.
  7. Once installed, open the ProPunch Dashboard, click Search For Updates and follow prompts.
  8. After the update, click Open ProPunch.
  9. Complete the Activation Wizard to activate ProPunch on the new computer.
  10. After activation, on the ProPunch Dashboard, click Restore From Backup and select the backup copied from the old computer. Follow the prompts to complete the restore.
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