How to set up and use Work Codes in ProPunch

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ProPunch allows up to 3 work code lists to be enabled and an unlimited number of work codes to be defined on each list. Work codes are categories of different labor breakdowns used within your organization to allocate and track time. For example, you may have work codes for different jobs, office locations, and departments.


To add a work code:

  1. Log into ProPunch as an administrator.
  2. Go to Company Setup > Work Codes.
  3. If not already enabled, check the box under columns Enabled and Prompt On Punch for each work code list to be used and then click the box under the Name column to type the name of each work code list, e.g., Job, Location, and Department. Click Save in the upper right of page to save changes.
  4. To define specific work codes, click the edit icon on the row containing the work code list to be edited.
  5. Click the Add Work Code green plus icon.
  6. Enter a Name and optionally, an Abbreviation and Payroll Code for the work code.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Repeat steps 5 – 7 to add additional work codes to the work code list.


Once the work codes are defined, employees can select them when clocking in by clicking the Transfer button on the ProPunch login page or on My Current Timesheet after logging into ProPunch.

Note: The Transfer button will only appear if the following options are enabled in Global Punch Settings (under Company Setup > General Settings):

  • Allow Punching via Web
  • Enable Work Code Selection When Punching
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