How do I adjust the PD100 time stamp for the Daylight Saving Time Change (DST)?

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To adjust the time, open the clock’s cover and note the position of the cam (see figure below). Plug in the clock until the cam is aligned as shown in the figure. Unplug the clock when the cam reaches the position shown.

PD100 side view

Note: The wheels can only be turned toward the front of the unit. PM hours are designated by underscores (5 for 5pm, 10 for 10pm, etc.).

PD100 side view

  • Adjust the hour wheel by turning the center wheel toward the front of the unit. Align the correct hour with the red notch (see figure at right).
  • Hold down the minute lever (see figure above).
  • While continuing to hold down the minute lever, adjust the minute wheel to one minute before the current time. Turn the wheel toward the front of the unit and align the desired minute with the red notch.
  • Release the minute lever. The correct minute should now line up with the red notch.
  • Take a test print to confirm the correct time is printing.

For more information, refer to your User Manual. [ Download PDF version ] [contact-service][service-plan]

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