I cannot poll my terminal. Error message: Transmission Aborted

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This error message is most likely caused by a communication problem. The correct troubleshooting procedure will depend on what type of communication your terminal is set up for:

  1. Check for matching terminal ID in the clock configuration and in the terminal.

  2. Modem terminals: Check for correct modem number, phone line quality, PC modem setup and configuration.

  3. RS232: Check for properly-seated RS232 adapter and connection cable (note: the maximum cable length is 50 ft.)

  4. RS485: Check for proper seated RS485 converter and cable. Make sure your RS485 network is wired correctly.

  5. RS422: Check for properly-seated RS422 adapter and cable. Make sure your RS422 connection is wired correctly. The wiring diagram is available in the HandPunch User Manual. (Downloadable copies of the HandPunch User Manuals are available in the Resources Section of the Acroprint website.)

  6. The PC serial port may be defective or incorrectly configured, or the terminal itself may not be functioning properly.

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