Tips for configuring or printing reports in Pendulum

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You may find these tips handy when configuring or printing reports:

Page break Y/N: Y = produces a page break with each department or group change.

Signature line Y/N: Y = includes a signature line for Supervisor and Employee.

One line per day Format: Y = All punches/day are displayed in one line.

Print Minutes in Hundreds: Y = print 30 min. as 0.50, N = prints 30 min as 0:30.

Condensed report: Y = One line per day without page breaks.

Exclude Zero Hours Employees: Y = Time cards with zero hours are processed but not displayed.

All reports can be displayed, printed, saved as a file for later printing or emailed.

The Pendulum installation CD contains a file Sample report.PDF, which contains sample printouts of all available reports.

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