What is “Swipe and Go”?

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Swipe & Go

The employee swipes his badge or keys his PIN and goes about his business.
The exact punch definition (IN, OUT, Out for Lunch, In from Beak, etc.) will be defined by the Pendulum schedule assigned to this employee. This mode of operation is easier for the employee and faster.

Non Swipe & Go

The employee swipes his badge or keys in his PIN and must respond to the terminal display:

Enter Function:
IN = In punch /
Out = Out punch.
4=Out for Lunch / 6=In from Lunch
7=Out for Break / 9=In from Break

0, 1, 2, 3, and 5 are reserved for Department, Tip, and Job Costing features

Non Swipe & Go mode needs more attention from the employee and may be slower. Incorrect entries need manual correction.

Non Swipe & Go mode is required for department transfer and the Job Costing Module.

Swipe & Go and Non Swipe & Go can be used simultaneously.

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