Pendulum 4 systems with ADCT or DC7000 terminals: how do I prepare / adjust for the Daylight Saving Time (DST) change?

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If you’re running an ATR20/20, ATR9800 or Pendulum system purchased before January 1, 2006 you must disable the DST setting in the Clock Configuration file and reprogram the terminal to disable the old DST dates.

Then you must update the terminal time manually on the DST days by simply sending the time and date when you reprogram the terminal. The time and date is pulled from the local PC, so make sure the PC time is correct before updating the terminal’s time.

Acroprint Pendulum, ATR20/20 and ATR9800 systems sold after January 1, 2006 are compatible with new DST dates.

DC7000 / Pendulum Only

For Pendulum 4 systems configured with DC7000 terminals only, to use the American standard Daylight Saving Time dates (second Sunday in March, first Sunday in November) open the Clocks Configuration file. Make sure the Apply Daylight Savings setting is checked, and select the option to Use American Standard Dates.

Pendulum Clocks Configuration Screen Shot - DC7000

The DC7000 terminals will automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time on the designated dates. This setting will carry forward from year to year. You will not need to program the terminal settings each year for Daylight Saving Time.

To use different dates from the American standard dates with your Pendulum / DC7000 system, follow the instructions below to set custom dates.


If you have:

  • A Pendulum, ATR20/20 or ATR9800 system configured with ADCT’s, – OR –
  • A Pendulum system configured with DC7000 terminals and you are not using American standard DST change dates,

You must enter the Daylight Saving Time change dates in the Clock Configuration file and re-program these dates to the terminal. You will need to update these settings at the beginning of each year.

First, make sure the checkbox next to Apply Daylight Savings is checked, and select the option Custom Dates for This Year. Then enter the desired dates in the DST Starts at: field and the DST Finishes at: field. For instance, to set up standard Daylight Saving Time changes in the USA, enter the second Sunday in March in the Starts at: field and the first Sunday in November in the Finishes at: field.

The system will automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time on the dates you program. Remember, you will need to reprogram these settings each year to reflect that year’s dates.

See below for example screen shots for Pendulum, ATR20/20 and ATR9800 configuration:

Pendulum – ADCT

Pendulum Clocks Configuration Screen Shot - ADCT


ATR2020 Clock Configuration Maintenance Screen Shot


ATR9800 Clocks Configuration Maintenance Screen Shot

If you have a system purchased prior to January 1, 2006, system upgrades are available for ADCTs and software to make your system compliant with the latest DST dates. Please contact Acroprint Systems Sales for further information.


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