One of my employees forgot to clock in. How do I correct this?

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You cannot enter a punch for an employee with the Time Q system. However, you can edit the total amount of time the employee will earn for the pay period.

Use the following steps to edit time for an employee:

  • Swipe your Supervisor Badge
  • Press Down twice to highlight Edit Time Totals
  • Press Enter to select Edit Time Totals
  • Use the Up or Down keys to highlight the desired employee
  • Press Enter to select the desired employee
  • Use the Up and Down keys to highlight the desired time to edit
  • Press Enter to adjust the desired time
  • Use the Left, Right, Up and Down keys to set the desired amount of time to be added or subtracted
  • Press Enter to accept the edit
  • Press Clear once to edit another employees time or press Clear twice to exit to the Time and Date display


Employee John Doe did not punch when leaving work yesterday. He now is missing the 4 hours worked after lunch. To adjust his time, you would swipe your Supervisor Badge, Press Down twice and then press Enter. Press the Down key until John Doe is displayed and press Enter. Press Enter to adjust the Current Regular Hours. Use the Right Arrow key to move the cursor to the first zero on the hours side of the display. Press the Up Arrow key 4 times (depending on your version you may be able to use the number 4 on the keypad). The display should show “+004:00”. Press Enter to confirm the edit. Then press Clear twice to exit to the Time and Date display.

The above example shows how to add time. To subtract time, simply change the “+” to a “-” by pressing the Down key when the cursor is under the “+”.

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