How do I assign employees to a newly-added TQ100 terminal?

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Launch the Attendance Rx Administrator program. Click the timeQplus button to launch the timeQplus Terminal Manager screen.

Select the new terminal from the list of available devices in the box on the left. All enrolled employees will appear in the Unassigned Employees box, as none have yet been assigned to this newly-installed terminal.

If you wish to allow only some employees to use the new terminal to clock in and out, select the desired employees names in the Unassigned Employees box and click the > arrow button to move their names to the Assigned Employees box.

If you wish to allow all employees to use this terminal for clocking in and out, simply click the >> double-arrow button to move all employee names from the unassigned to the assigned category.

Click the Save button to finish the process.


  1. You may only select employees who have already been successfully enrolled.
  2. Employees may be assigned to multiple terminals.
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