How do I move my timeQplus Biometric (v2) / TQ100 installation from one computer to another?

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The following instructions for migrating your timeQplus Biometric Attendance Rx software from one computer to another assume the current release is installed and working correctly.

  1. On your existing computer, open the Administrator. Click the timeQplus button to open the timeQplus Terminal Manager screen.
  2. Poll the terminal.
  3. Remove the terminal.
  4. Close the Administrator.
  5. Navigate on your computer hard drive to the location where the AttendanceRx software is installed. Copy the folders: Data, TQLogs, and TQTemplates to a safe location.
  6. If ATRx clients are running, shut them down, then uninstall the current ATRx server installation.
  7. Install the server application on the new computer and restart the computer.
  8. When the Setup Wizard launches, shut it down.
  9. Replace the new, empty versions of the three folders with the copies you saved in Step 5.
  10. Start the Attendance Rx software.
  11. Open ATRx System Utilities/timeQplus settings (right click on the icon of a desk in the bottom right corner of your PC, by the computer time).
  12. Enable the appropriate communication protocol.
  13. Launch the Administrator. Click the timeQplus button to open the timeQplus Terminal Manager screen.
  14. Add Terminal, electing to Clear All Users when given the choice.
  15. Click the >> double arrow button to move all employees from the Unassigned Employees box to the Assigned Employees box for the terminal you just added.
  16. Click the Save button.

If you are running version 2.02, there will be no TQLogs folder to relocate. Please contact Acroprint for an update to the current release.

If after following the above procedure the system is not working properly, at the new computer perform steps 5 through 12, then steps 1 through 4, and finally steps 13 through 16.

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