What are the Sensitivity settings in the TQ100 terminal for?

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“Sensitivity” in the context of the timeQplus Biometric refers to a software adjustment. This setting regulates how closely the current scanned fingerprint must match a stored fingerprint template for the scanned print to be declared “good” and the employees punch to be recorded.

You can set a standard sensitivity level for all employees, then adjust individual employee settings as needed.

To view or adjust your software’s sensitivity settings, click the Sensitivity option in the TQ100 menu. You will see one of the following menu settings, depending on which version of the software you have installed:

[table id=tq100-sensitivity /]

The User setting can be helpful if you have made a number of changes you’d like to undo and reset everyone at the same starting point (available in Version 1.x only). Whether you are adjusting individuals or globally, we recommend changing the settings in small increments and testing the results between each change.

The higher the number, the closer the match has to be for the scanned print to be declared “good.”

If the system has trouble correctly recognizing the fingerprints of some employees, you can also try the following steps:

  1. Register a different finger. Sometimes when a fingerprint on one finger is difficult for the system to read and match, another finger may work better.

  2. Stress to employees the importance of placing the same finger in the same place on the reader, both when registering the fingerprint and when attempting to clock in and out. Consistency is important.

You may also find it helpful to keep some greaseless hand lotion near the terminal. Sometimes when employees’ hands are very cold or their skin is dry, their fingerprints are more difficult to read.

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