What is the most recent version of timeQplus v3 software?

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The most recent version of timeQplus v3 software is 3.1.10.

Need help finding your software version number? Read this article.

If you need to download a replacement copy of the software, version 3.1.10 is available via this Dropbox link.

Looking for the Custom Export Updater? Download here.

Migrating to a new PC? Read this important article first: How to Move timeQplus v3 to a New Computer or Operating System.

Attention Windows 10 Users: If you have updated an existing system to Windows 10 or are installing new Acroprint software on a Windows 10 computer, please open Windows Control Panel and choose “Programs and Features.” Find the option to “Turn Windows features on or off,” select “Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5.1” and enable all features.

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