How do I enroll employees on a timeQplus remote TQ600P, TQ600M or TQ600BC badge terminal / clock?

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The timeQplus application will allow you to install and use timeQplus time clocks (terminals) at locations outside of your Local Area Network (LAN). These are referred to as “remote” or “USB” terminals. Employee registration data and employee clock punches will be transferred back to the timeQplus Server via a USB flash drive (also called a thumb drive, pen drive, etc.).

If you will be using Work Codes to capture labor time for different categories you will need to set these up first. Refer to this article for more information on configuring and using Work Codes.

Configuring employee data on the timeQplus Server:

  • Log in as the timeQplus Administrator.
  • Using the Employees screen, add the employees. Enter the required employee data: Name, UserID, Shift, and Badge Number.
  • If you have temporary workers who will need to punch In/Out on the badge time clock/terminal but do not have a badge:
    • Input the employee Name and UserID. Also type the same UserID number in the Badge field to allow the employee to be enrolled on the time clock.
    • Press the Enter key, click on the Detail button, and enter a password in the Password field.
    • When the worker needs to punch the clock they will key in their UserID using the terminal’s numeric keypad. The clock will ask for their password, which they will also enter using the terminal’s keypad. When both numbers are entered correctly, the clock will store their punch.

Setting up the Badge USB Time Clock:

  • After all employee data is entered go to the Time Clock window and click on the USB Flash Drive vertical tab.
  • Press the Add Terminal button, then select the Device ID number, Time Zone, and Badge. Press Next, then press the Finish button.
  • Follow standard procedure to assign employees to the USB flash drive terminal.

Loading Employee Data to the Badge Time Clock:

  • Insert a USB flash drive into an available USB port on the timeQplus Server.
  • If you are not already logged in, log in to timeQplus as an Administrator.
  • Go to the Time Clock window and select the USB Flash Drive tab.
  • Select the Time Clock terminal. Click the Save to USB button. This will load all user data to the flash drive.
  • Take the flash drive to the time clock/terminal and insert it into the USB port on the time clock.
  • Select and press Menu -> PenDrive Mng -> Upload User.
  • When the data has uploaded, your terminal is ready for employees to punch. You can remove the USB drive.

Other important information:

  1. Adding new Employees: To add new employees, configure them on the timeQplus administrator computer just like the original employee data entry. Use the same process as outlined above to load the flash drive with employees. This will copy all employees to the flash drive. Load the data into the terminal using the same steps outlined above, and your new employee will be added.
  2. Deleting an Employee: Deleting an employee is a two step process. First delete the employee from the timeQplus Server. If the employee has any punches in the current or previous pay period the system will mark the employee for deletion by drawing a red line through the employee data on the Employees screen. The employee will be deleted after there are no more punches in the current or previous pay periods. You must also delete the employee from the terminal. Refer to the terminal User Guide for instructions.
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