How do the punches get transferred from the time clock (terminal) to the timeQplus software?

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The process of automatically moving data from the time clock (terminal) to the software is called “polling.”

The software is set up to poll automatically once every 60 minutes. If you need to transfer data from the clocks before the next scheduled poll:

  1. Log in to the software as an Administrator.
  2. Choose the Terminal or Time Clock menu option.
  3. Choose the communications option you are using. In the bottom right-hand corner you will see a button titled POLL.
  4. Click the button and allow a few moments for the clock to transfer information to the software.
  5. Once the data transfer is complete, you can use the Punch Editing menu option in the software to view and edit punches.

For clocks / terminals that are not connected to a PC (“Remote” terminals), punches are transferred using a USB flash drive (also known as a thumb drive or pen drive).

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