How can I tell what method was used to record an employee time entry / punch?

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Punches can be entered via PC or keyboard punch, through a biometric or badge terminal or inserted manually by a supervisor. To see which method was used to record a specific time entry / punch:

  1. Log in to the timeQplus software as an Administrator.
  2. Choose the Punch Editing menu option.
  3. From the dropdown lists at the top of the screen, select the employee you wish to view and the pay period you want to review.
  4. The software will display all the recorded time entries for that employee and pay period. In the first column for each record, you will see an abbreviation indicating the source of that record:
    • PC means the punch was recorded via PC/Keyboard punch.
    • CLK means the punch was recorded using a terminal / time clock.
    • INS means the punch was manually entered.
    • USB means the punch was uploaded via a USB thumb drive.
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