The clock will not read a fingerprint for an employee. How can they clock in and out at the biometric terminal?

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In rare cases, you may have a few workers who will need to punch in/out on a biometric time clock, but their fingerprints are not clear enough to be electronically recognized. These employees can be set up to use their UserID and a Password to punch in and out on the biometric time clock.

Log in to timeQplus as the Administrator. Select the record for the worker whose fingerprint is not registering. If this is a new employee, enter the required information as normal and click Save, then select that employee from the list.

Click on the Detail button to bring up that employee’s detailed information, and enter a numeric password in the Password field. Click Save.

When the worker needs to punch the clock they simply enter their UserID using the numeric keypad on the terminal and press OK. The clock will ask for their password, which they will also enter using the terminal’s keypad. When both numbers are entered correctly, the clock will store their punch.

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