I have two terminals. Can I get them to work together? Can I connect more than one terminal to my PC?

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The Time Q +Plus and Paytime products cannot work with multiple terminals on one system due to the design of the product. The time clocks are designed to work as a stand-alone system, with the PC interface as an easy way to manage the information stored in the clock.

We do not support connecting more than one Time Q +Plus or Paytime Time and Attendance terminal to your PC. There is a possibility that such a set up would corrupt the database in your clock and cause you to lose all your data.

There are other Acroprint products that will allow you to use more than one terminal in one time and attendance system, including timeQplus suite and the Pendulum suite.

For more information about these and other Acroprint time and attendance systems, call Systems Sales at 1-800-334-7190 or visit our web site.

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