How do I back up the data stored on my system? Can I save my report data to my PC?

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Battery backup retains data on the clock

All of the information is stored in your clock. It has a lithium battery and will retain your data in event of a power outage or PC failure.

The battery does have a life of about 5 years, so it will need to be replaced eventually. Please contact our Service department to schedule a repair when the clock is approaching 5 years old.

Saving your report data to your PC

You can save data from the Time and Attendance system by saving reports into the ASCII format.

Open Time and Attendance.

Open Reports.

In the top left corner of the Reports window, in the section Report, select the report type you wish to save.

In the bottom left corner, in the section Report Output, select ASCII File.

The following image shows a Time Card Report for All employees in the Previous Pay Period report being output to an ASCII file.

Click the Create button in the top right hand corner.

At the Save As screen select the drive to which you wish to save the file and enter a file name.

Click on Save.

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