One or more of my badges will not read, or badges only read intermittently. What should I do?

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The magnetic stripe reader in the Time Q, Time Q +Plus and Paytime clocks should give you years of reliable service with proper care.

If your unit has been intermittently reading badges for some time, the reader is most likely dirty. It can be cleaned with an Acroprint head cleaning badge (Part# 14-0111-002). Cleaning badges are available for purchase online through our web store, or you may call 1-800-334-7190 to place an order.

If your time clock stops reading one badge only, then that badge may be damaged. You will need to assign a new badge to that employee.

If your time clock suddenly stops reading all badges, the reader may have been repositioned. This can occur when an employee inserts their badge directly above the reader instead of inserting the card into the slot and pulling down.

If you remove your clock from the wall and look through the slot, you should see the reader coming from the right side of the slot and touching the left side. If it is in the shape of a triangle, your reader is out of position and is not making contact with the magnetic stripe of the badges. You can remedy this by pressing on the reader with the corner of an employee badge until it pops back into position.

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