How far away can I place the Time Q +Plus clock from my computer?

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The 50 foot cable provided is the longest unshielded cable that can be used with the Time and Attendance system. If you desire a longer distance, a 100-foot shielded cable is available from Acroprint.

Using any cable other than one provided by Acroprint is not supported.

Please contact your local Acroprint authorized dealer, call 1-800-334-7190 or visit the Acroprint web store to obtain these 100-foot shielded cables.

  • For use with a DB9 Serial port, the cable part number is 72-0176-000.
  • For use with a DB25 Serial port, the cable part number is 72-0176-002.

You may place an order over the phone or online using a credit card. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

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