How do I prepare / adjust my Time Q +Plus or Paytime system for the Daylight Saving Time (DST) change?

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Warning: If you do not disable the automatic DST adjustment feature before the DST change takes place, it is possible you may experience data loss when the Daylight Saving Time change occurs.

If this happens, it may be impossible to recover the data. Please read and carefully follow the instructions below to minimize the potential for unrecoverable data loss.

When the Daylight Saving feature is enabled, the Time Clock Terminal will automatically assign the first Sunday in April and the last Sunday in October as the beginning and ending dates of daylight saving time. Beginning with 2007, ensure the Auto Daylight Saving setting is unchecked to disable the automatic adjustment feature.

Note: time worked totals will not be adjusted for the loss or addition of an hour, but the timecards of the employees on the clock at the time of the transition will indicate that there was a time change.

Changing Daylight Saving Settings — 2007 and beyond

Before the scheduled DST change

  1. Before the scheduled Daylight Saving Time change, from the Time and Attendance Program’s main window, double-click the Setup icon or enter the Selections menu and choose Setup.
  2. Click on the More button. A dialog screen titled Clock Terminal Setup – More appears.
  3. Ensure the Auto Daylight Saving setting is unchecked to disable the automatic adjustment feature.

When the time changes

  1. After the last punch of the workday before the DST change, or before the first punch of the workday after the DST change, print a copy of the current and previous pay period information for your records.
  2. After you have printed the reports, go to the administrative options and select Time and Date. Adjust the time as necessary to reflect the DST change.

If data loss has already occurred and you’re running version 5.11 or higher, the system may have saved an Hours Summary Report to your PC. If there is such a report, it will be listed as autorepxxx.rpt (where the “xxx” is replaced by a report sequence number) and can be opened with Notepad or Microsoft Word.

If you’re running a version lower than 5.11 there is no auto-report selection and unfortunately no way to recover this lost information. For the future DST changes be sure the automatic DST adjustment feature is disabled and follow the procedure listed above to change time manually on the Time Q +Plus.

For more information, refer to your User Manual. [ Download PDF version ] [contact-support][support-contracts]

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