I upgraded to a new version of Windows and receive the following error: TSIF400 has encountered an error and must close. I can no longer edit punches or employees.

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Versions 4.10 and below are not compatible with Windows XP and later. A service pack is available on our website that will resolve the compatibility issue. To download the service pack, click here.

Select Save on the dialog box that appears.

The Save As window will appear. In the top center box labelled Save In: select Desktop.

Click Save In the bottom right corner of the window.

After the file has completed downloading, please close all windows and double click on the tasp6.zip icon on your Desktop to access the tasp6.exe file. Double click the tasp6.exe file to launch the installer.

Click Next through the installation then click Finish when the installation is complete.

Restart your computer.

You should now have two Time and Attendance icons on your desktop. Use the one that says only Time and Attendance. Delete the one that says Time and Attendance 4.10.

You must have version 4.10 of the software and firmware version 4.xx in order for this Service Pack 6 to install properly.

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