It’s January once again. And once again many of us probably celebrated the New Year by making out a list of resolutions.

So, how are things going with your resolutions? If you’re like me, it’s easy for good intentions to fall by the wayside. I start every year all gung-ho about going to the gym, watching what I eat, de-cluttering… but it’s so easy to slide back into my comfortable old routine.

Setting resolutions is easy. The problem lies in following through.

One area where you can’t afford to backslide, though, is in your resolution that this year you will get a better handle on your business’s labor costs.

Labor is typically one of the largest single expenses for most businesses. If you’re still using handwritten records or simple spreadsheets to track time and attendance your business could be losing money every day to time theft, inefficient processes and clerical errors.

Installing an automated time and attendance system goes a long way toward solving the problem. But, just as with our personal New Year’s resolutions, we all face obstacles in keeping up with our business resolutions. Unless you know how to overcome them, those obstacles can stop you in your tracks.

Here are a few issues we’ve seen our customers facing, along with some suggestions for how to deal with them.

Too Many Choices

You have many choices when it comes to what sort of timekeeping system to buy, and where to purchase it. It might even seem there are too many choices. You don’t have time to research each and every one. But unless you do your homework, how are you to decide?

Wage and hour laws are complex and the penalties for non-compliance can be severe. You can quickly narrow down your choices by focusing on an experienced vendor with extensive time and attendance knowledge. Find a vendor who offers a variety of alternatives, enabling them to meet your requirements.

For instance, here at Acroprint we’ve specialized in time and attendance tracking for over 40 years. We carry a complete range of options — from traditional heavy-duty punch clocks to a cutting-edge online time and attendance service — to support most any business.


In the hustle and bustle of getting your everyday job done, it’s easy to let selecting, purchasing and setting up a new time and attendance system slide to the back burner. When it comes to modernizing your time and attendance, though, procrastination is definitely not your friend — every day you delay could be costing your business money.

Take a look at our online time clock, AcroTime. If you’ve been procrastinating because you think setting up time and attendance will be a hassle, you may be in for a surprise with AcroTime. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser and you can be up and running in an afternoon. Your employees will find the web-punch interface easy and intuitive, or you can easily add terminals if you prefer a badge or biometric system.

AcroTime is a great, low-impact way to get going with updated time tracking. With unlimited employee capacity, the ability to easily add badge or biometric terminals any time, and automatic “hands-free” software updates, it could be the last time and attendance system you ever need to set up.

Employee Resistance

Giving up their comfortable routine to adopt a new time tracking system can be a hard adjustment for many employees. Here are a few things you can do to help make the transition smoother:

  • Train employees on the use of the new system before it goes “live.” Don’t make employees figure out on their own how to use cool features or time-saving shortcuts — show them.
  • Listen to — and address — employee concerns. For instance, if you’ve chosen a biometric system some employees may believe that offering their fingerprint or a hand-scan could violate their privacy. You (and they) might find the information in our Biometrics FAQ helpful.
  • Help employees understand how the new system will benefit them. For instance, with a newer automated system they’ll see fewer errors on their paychecks. This saves them a lot of headaches and hassles in getting these errors corrected. Employees are more likely to accept a new system when they understand what’s in it for them.
  • Make sure the new system really does help. Observe employees using the system. If you notice a bottleneck or other problem area, fix it. For instance, you may need to move a terminal to another location, modify your software configuration or purchase an additional clock. Your timekeeping system should adapt to your business, not the other way around.

Make Your Move

Albert Einstein is supposed to have said, “Nothing happens until something moves.” The best time and attendance package in the world won’t do much for your business unless it’s installed and used.

Getting control of your labor costs with a modern time and attendance system is one New Year’s Resolution you can’t afford to let slide.

If you’re ready to make “something move,” visit our web store to learn more about our full line of time tracking solutions.

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