February was a busy month here at Acroprint! We recently announced the release of an upgrade to our popular timeQplus time and attendance software, to include some cool new features and support for two new terminals.

If you already use timeQplus, you may find something you like in this updated version. Contact Acroprint today to find out more about your upgrade options so you can start taking advantage of these new features right away.

If you don’t yet use timeQplus, perhaps one of these new features will be just the thing to convince you to step up to this powerful and easy-to-use workforce management solution.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what’s new.

The Software


First we’ll check out the new software features. We’ve added several top customer-requested features while making the software even easier to configure and use.

  • Job costing: This has been a big “wish list” item for many of our customers. By using the software’s work codes feature, you can now easily track employee time by project or job, making accurate and timely job costing a breeze.
  • More informative terminal display: Now, when an employee clocks in or out using one of the badge or biometric terminals, the terminal will display their hours worked summary and current “in/out” status. (Another popular customer request.) Employees can now see at a glance their status and know if they’ve missed a punch.
  • Improved hardware installation tools: With a new terminal “auto-detect” feature and other installation tools, it’s even simpler than ever to connect and configure terminals.
  • Updated software graphical interface: We’ve refreshed the look of the Administrator windows. Existing users, don’t worry — you’ll still find all the reports and screens you’re familiar with. They just look a little snazzier now.
  • Support for additional terminals: We’ve added support for two new badge terminals (more on them in a minute) for even more flexibility. As always, you can mix-and-match multiple data collection options on the same system to suit your business needs.

The Terminals


The upgraded timeQplus now includes support for two new badge-swipe terminals. In addition to the existing PC-punch, proximity badge terminal and biometric terminal options, we now also offer terminals that use magnetic-stripe badges or barcode badges.

As always, you can mix-and-match your choice of data collection options on a single timeQplus system. For instance, the people in the office can clock in and out using the networked PCs on their desks, while the folks in the warehouse could clock in and out using a badge-swipe or biometric terminal.

A timeQplus system can accommodate as many terminals as you need to effectively manage your business. Install terminals where ever you need them for efficient clocking in and clocking out. You can designate which terminal(s) each employee can use to clock in and out.

All four of the timeQplus terminals can now be configured to display in your choice of English, Spanish or French to meet your needs and those of your workforce. Like the existing proximity and biometric terminals, the new barcode and magnetic-stripe terminals feature a bright, easy-to-read LCD display and include a numeric keypad so employees can clock in using a PIN if their badges are forgotten, lost or damaged.

Find Out More

To read more about the updated timeQplus software and the two new terminals, see complete specs, download a software demo or place an order online, visit our web store. Got additional questions? Give us a call at 800-334-7190 for more information or to place an order over the phone.

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