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It’s been a busy few months around Acroprint lately. In June and July we announced several significant new products. Next month I’ll be back to my usual wage-and-hour related subject matter… but for now, we’re all pretty excited about the new stuff and I can’t wait to tell you more about it!

Going Mobile

First, in June we announced a new mobile app for our popular AcroTime product. AcroTime was already a terrific product, offering access over the web from any browser with an Internet connection. It’s great for businesses that don’t have a dedicated IT department, because it doesn’t require any software to be installed.

Now AcroTime is even better with the addition of a mobile app for the iPhone and Android platforms. This app allows employees and supervisors to easily clock in and out, review timesheets, request/approve time off and more — all from their smartphones.

But — as amazing as that app may be — it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Human Resources Management for Everyone

Also in June, we announced a second upgrade for AcroTime, called AcroTime Web HR Management.

Acroprint isn’t a huge corporation, so we know first-hand some of the challenges that small and mid-sized businesses face. Near the top of the list is usually human resources administration. There’s just so much paperwork and so many tasks to keep track of, it’s hard even for a skilled and dedicated human resources professional to keep up.


The problem is only made worse if your company doesn’t have a full-time HR staff and instead relies on payroll, accounting, administrative or supervisory personnel to “fill in” part time on the HR function. It’s all too easy for important tasks to slip through the cracks. This can result in unhappy employees or even open you to legal liability.

AcroTime Web HR Management allows organizations of all sizes to automate many human resources functions, just like big enterprise-level businesses have done for years. You’ll do a better job of acclimating new employees into your company, ensure government forms get filed on time and reduce your risk of lawsuits by making sure important functions like performance management, compensation and incident tracking are handled consistently and fairly.

Best of all, it’s all available online, with or without the AcroTime Web Time and Attendance module, at a price that any organization can afford.

Two New Acroprint Employee Time Clocks

And we didn’t forget those of you who prefer traditional punch clocks.

On July 17, we announced the availability of two new employee time clocks: the Acroprint ATR240 and ATR360.


Both of these top-loading clocks offer the easy and accurate card alignment you’ve come to expect from our top-loaders like the ATR120 and the ES1000.

Affordable yet full-featured, they feature a large, backlit digital display that’s easy to read even from a distance. Two-color printing identifies early and late punches, and they have a built-in musical chime to signal shift changes, breaks and/or lunch.

With optional battery backup to allow punching even during power outages, a perpetual calendar and automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments, these clocks will save you a lot of time and headaches. They support weekly or monthly payrolls.

But that’s not all!


The ATR360 offers yet another unique feature: biometrics! That’s right; you can have the best of both worlds: paper time cards for your permanent records, and biometric verification to stop costly buddy-punching in its tracks. Best of all, it’s totally self-contained. There’s no PC required and no software to install.

Employees simply press their enrolled finger against the fingerprint scanner on the clock. Once their fingerprint has been scanned and accepted, the time will be printed on their time card. It couldn’t be easier or more secure!

The clocks also feature a convenient proximity badge scanner. If you prefer, employees can either wave a badge or a handy key fob in front of the clock to identify themselves. Once their badge or key fob has been read and accepted, the time will be printed on their timecard.

Whether biometric , badge or key fob, the clock will prevent an employee from clocking in or out twice in quick succession, making it virtually impossible for one employee to clock in or out for both themselves and another.


Call for Feedback

So, what do you think about these new products?

Have you considered using a web-based or online product to track time and attendance? If you’re not using web-based time tracking, what’s the main concern keeping you from giving it a try?

And what do you think about a biometric punch clock? Do you believe you have an issue with buddy punching at your location? Do you think a clock like this might help reduce or eliminate buddy punching?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about these new products, and any other products you’d like to see us develop! We welcome your feedback.

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