OK, I admit it. I’m a time and attendance geek. I get a thrill over things like software updates. Which is why I’ve been especially giddy the past few days: there’s a new version of our timeQplus software available!

timeQplus product suite

But lest you think I’m completely unhinged, let me tell you about a few of the new cool features in the new release of timeQplus software. I’m betting you’ll get excited, too.

User Permissions

This is one of our most-requested features, so I was especially happy to see it included in this latest update. I think it’s going to make life a lot easier for a lot of folks.

Now, each user of the system will have their own individual user ID, and each user ID can be assigned a permission level:

  • Administrators have access to all system features and funtions.

  • Supervisors have the ability to view/edit employee information and run reports on employees who have been assigned to them.

  • Employees can access and print their own timesheet for both the current and previous pay periods.

This means much better security and control for system administrators and business owners. Only administrators can access system-wide configuration settings. Supervisors are limited to viewing and editing only their own assigned employees. You can even give employees their own access, allowing them to print their own time sheets instead of asking their supervisor, a timekeeper or your payroll staff to look up their hours worked.

We’re talking a significant increase in data security and convenience here!

ACA Compliance Help

One of the hottest topics today is the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as “Obamacare.” As you probably know, the ACA introduces various reporting requirements for employers.

The timeQplus software now includes an “Average Hours Worked” report to support your ACA compliance efforts. This report can be run with any specified date range (not just with pay period ranges) in order to help you comply with your reporting requirements.

Custom Shift Settings

The updated software also offers increased flexibility in configuring your shift settings. These include Overtime, Shift Rules, Maximum Time on Clock and the Day Change Offset. Now, you can configure them individually by shift, not just as a global company-wide setting.

Easier Labor Tracking

timeQplus has offered labor tracking using Work Codes since the release of version 4.0. Work codes allow you to segregate employee time for cost accounting, job costing or client billing. It’s a pretty handy feature.

Now, you can assign a default work code to each hardware device. So if most of the people using one of your badge or biometric terminals generally work on one specific task, client or project, they can clock in even more quickly, without having to enter a work code. The terminal will automatically assign the default work code to their punches.

You can also quickly change the assigned default work code at any time. And of course, employees can very easily override the default work code if need be.

Better Documentation

Wage and hour law is complex. That means the software needs to ask a lot of questions during set up, to ensure it records your employee time and applies work rules the way you need in order to suit your business requirements and obey applicable laws.

We know it can be frustrating to get halfway through setting up the software, and finding you need to go look up the answer to a question before you can continue.

We now include a handy setup questionnaire to make this configuration process easier. By completing this straightforward questionnaire ahead of time, you’ll have all the information you need at your fingertips before you start installing and configuring the software.

We also include user guides and a revised and updated help file, which you can access at any time from within the software. It will provide you with context-sensitive help specific for the screen you’re viewing. The information in the help file is also available in PDF format on the software CD.

Improved Reporting

In addition to adding the “Average Hours Worked” report, we made several other improvements to our reporting features:

  • The “Who’s In/Who’s Out” report now includes a date stamp.

  • The “Punch Edit” report now prints out any comments entered when the punch was edited.

  • We included an all new “Missing Punches” report.

  • You can now run reports of previous data based on pay period range.

And that’s not all…

So now maybe you can see why I’m so excited about this new timeQplus release!

I’ve touched on the highlights of this update, but there are many other improvements. If you already have timeQplus installed but haven’t yet updated, contact us today to find out about upgrading to the latest release. If you aren’t using timeQplus, maybe it’s time to give it a fresh look.

And then you can sing along with me: “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it!”

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