Recently, we introduced Acroprint’s newest time tracking solution, ProPunch. This innovative system is a bit different from our previous software solutions. It offers some interesting (and cool!) features that you might not be used to in traditional time-tracking software.

So how about if we take a few minutes to get to know ProPunch a bit better? It could turn out be just what you’ve been looking for.

What makes ProPunch different?

The first thing you’ll discover is that ProPunch brings you the best of both worlds: you’ll have the control of software installed on your premises, coupled with the flexibility of web-based access for your employees to clock in/out and for supervisors to log in and manage their staff’s timesheets.

You simply install ProPunch on one computer. You don’t have to install additional client software on anyone else’s PC. All your workers need to clock in and out is simply a web browser.

A few things to keep in mind: for remote online access, the computer where ProPunch is installed must be connected to the Internet. To allow for round-the-clock access, it should stay up and running 24/7, so it’s best if it’s hooked up to an uninterruptable power supply (battery backup) and on a reliable network connection. If the PC where ProPunch is installed is shut down, employees and supervisors will be unable to access the software. If it loses its Internet connection, remote workers will be unable to access the system.

Also, depending on your security setup, you may need to adjust your firewall settings to allow remote users and time clocks to access the application from outside of your local area network.

But this unique combination of on-site control and convenient web-based access isn’t all ProPunch brings to the table. Let’s take a deeper dive and check out some of its other features.

What else does ProPunch offer?

ProPunch includes a whole bunch of popular requested features. For instance, it includes three levels of security permissions: one for employees, one for supervisors, and one for system administrators. This allows you to limit what data people can access and what functions they can perform within the software based on their role at your company.

Speaking of functions people can perform, employees can log in to view their timesheets and leave notes for their supervisors. This means your payroll or supervisory personnel don’t have to take time out to look up punches or hours for employees— the employees can look up their own time punches themselves.

Additionally, if you choose, employees can optionally be set up with access to edit their timesheet. So, for instance, if an employee forgets to clock in before they actually start work, they can go back later and enter the missing punch without having to track down a supervisor. Of course, the software makes it easy for supervisors and administrators to identify and review these edits.

Another cool feature: custom reports and exports. You’re not locked in to standard, pre-configured reports or export formats. You can generate reports and retrieve the exact data you need to run your business and process your payroll the way you want.

Wondering what’s different between ProPunch and our timeQplus software? One big difference: the ProPunch FPC18 terminal “pushes” punches to the software. The timeQplus software uses a “poll and pull” model.

In other words, in timeQplus, the software will periodically poll the terminal to retrieve the latest batch of punches. Depending on when the software is scheduled to poll the clocks and when you run a report, your report may not include the most recent punches.

In ProPunch, however, each punch is pushed from the clock to the software in real-time. Punches are saved to the timesheet with no delay. This means you can keep a closer track on employee time, plan better for overtime, and run reports any time you like with full confidence that they include up-to-the minute data.

What if I want to use a clock or terminal?

image of ProPunch FPC18 terminal
If you prefer the security of proximity badges or biometric verified punches using a clock, that’s the next big thing you’ll discover about ProPunch — the snazzy FPC18 terminal. Combining proximity and biometric technology in one compact unit, this clock will be at home in virtually any office or warehouse setting. (Like any electronic device, it isn’t intended for use in harsh or very dirty environments.)

Using the FPC18 clock, employees can clock in / out with a fingerprint scan, proximity badge or key fob, or using a PIN.

Perhaps you have some employees whose fingerprints don’t reliably scan. While unusual, it does happen. (As it happens, this is a problem for me, too — my fingerprints often don’t register on biometric units.) Having multiple options available in one convenient clock makes life easier for you and for your workers.

How many employees and clocks does ProPunch support?

Unlimited! That’s right —ProPunch can support up to an unlimited number of employees. To start, the software includes a license for 50 employees. You can add as many more employees as you need, at any time.

For those who want to use a clock, ProPunch is available in a starter bundle that includes the ProPunch software and one FPC18 terminal. You can also add as many additional FPC18 terminals as you’d like to your system, so you can have a clock at every entrance and exit or any other convenient locations in your facility.

Adding more employees and clocks is super-easy; just contact Acroprint to order the additional employee licenses and/or clocks you need from us. You can also purchase additional FPC18 clocks through our website. And if you need help with the upgrade, it’s just a click away inside your ProPunch software. (See below for details.)

But what about support?

Your annual license includes Acroprint’s award-winning support. (It’s true! Acroprint received the Spectrum Award for Outstanding Customer Service in 2018 and 2017.)

This 100% US-based support also includes free replacement clocks if anything goes wrong with your FPC18 terminal. Not that we expect anything to go wrong, mind you! But we thought you’d appreciate the added peace of mind.

To get support, simply log in to your ProPunch software and use the Feedback button to send a message directly to a trained support technician. This will get you the fastest response. If you can’t log in to ProPunch for some reason, you can send us an email at


If you’d like to know more about ProPunch — or if you’re ready to place an order — you can visit our website at or give us a call at 800.334.7190. We’re here to answer all your questions and help you get started with ProPunch.

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