RALEIGH, NC — September 16, 2009 — Acroprint is pleased to introduce MasterSync, our first wireless clock system. The MasterSync system is economical, easy to install and highly customizable, offering a wide range of clock design options and system accessories. It’s perfect for educational institutions, health care offices, clinics and hospitals, and businesses of all sizes and types — any organization that wants to keep everyone in the facility consistently on time.

Broadcasting at 467 MHz, the MasterSync transmitter is designed for optimal indoor transmission, with reliable signal penetration for all types of building materials. Unlike some competing systems that require repeaters or multiple transmitters at additional cost to achive wide coverage, a single MasterSync transmitter with a standard antenna can cover up to 250,000 square feet. With the use of optional antennas, coverage from a single transmitter can be expanded to over 2.4 million square feet (depending on terrain).

This wireless master clock system offers several additional distinct advantages:

  • Unlike wired systems, which are limited in the number of clocks that can be connected to the master, the MasterSync wireless transmitter can support an unlimited number of clocks.
  • Installing the MasterSync wireless system is as easy as hanging a picture. There is no need to cut holes in walls or to run wires, saving both time and money.
  • The system offers many clock décor options to meet the needs of most organizations. Options include analog or digital displays, top, side or wall mounting and a choice clock frame finishes including plastic, brushed aluminum and solid wood.

The MasterSync wirless master clock system is simple to install. Simply place the wireless clocks in the desired locations, connect the transmitter to the GPS unit and you’re up and running. There are no special tools, equipment or expertise required. It’s ideal for organizations that do not have readily available IT staff on-site.

The system also offers optional accessories such as a tone generator that can play audible tones or your own MP3 files — including voice recordings or music — over your existing PA system to alert those on premises to events. Other accessories include wire guard enclosures to protect your clocks, upgraded antennas, transmitter rack mount brackets and more.


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