RALEIGH, NC — September 2, 2005 — A business owner is excited that his company is planning to hire ten new employees this quarter. Once the payroll department hears the good news, they realize they will need a new time and attendance system to replace their already overloaded system. "Why can’t we have one system that grows with our company?" they ask.

Acroprint Time Recorder Company announces the release of Pendulum™, the newest member of the Acroprint family of automated time and attendance systems.

Pendulum is an automated time and labor management solution that expands as your company grows — one software system, changing to meet the needs of your business. Pendulum accurately collects employee time and attendance data and applies your company work rules and pay policies to calculate employee time cards.

Pendulum saves you even more time with automated time clock polling and report generation. The system automatically polls the terminals for data, processes reports and emails them to supervisors or employees without operator intervention. At the end of a pay period, administrators can simply review the time sheets via email. Over 70 report options are available, capturing such valuable data as unauthorized overtime, employee status, benefit administration, departmental costs, job costing and much more.

As an option, Pendulum also offers an array of job costing levels. The system even tracks tips by allowing employees to enter the tip amount at the clock, and generates reports displaying the tip totals. Data can be exported to third party payroll systems for easy processing.

Pendulum is available in various pricing configurations based on the number of administrative users, allowing businesses to expand their time and attendance system easily as their employee base grows. Many data collection options are available including magnetic stripe, bar code or biometric technology using fingerprint readers or hand geometry scanners. Expandable, affordable and upgradeable, Pendulum is the perfect time and attendance solution for your growing business.

Operating since 1969 with headquarters in Raleigh, North Carolina, Acroprint Time Recorder Company is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of time and attendance products with more than one thousand dealers/distributors across the United States and products that are exported to 70 foreign countries.

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