RALEIGH, NC — October 15, 2008 — Until now, environmentally-conscious options have been limited for businesses needing a rugged outdoor-capable time recorder. But Acroprint Time Recorder Company® has the answer: our innovative Model SP125 time recorder — the industry’s first solar-powered heavy-duty employee time clock.

Simply plug in the included solar panel and expose it to sunlight. The panel can be conveniently positioned up to two feet away from the clock. The built-in long-lasting lithium battery immediately begins charging, using nothing more than free, clean sunlight.

In just eight to ten hours, the battery is fully charged. The clock’s state-of-the-art design means it maintains accurate time, even on cloudy days or at night.

Functionally equivalent to our renowned Model 125 time recorders, these tough solar-powered clocks are made in the U.S.A. and designed to withstand heat, cold, grime and other harsh conditions. The Model SP125 can be easily transported to remote worksites, making it convenient for workers to clock in and out. For longer-term installations, the clock mounts on a wall or desk, such as in a construction-site trailer, a barn or a garage — anywhere the solar panel can be positioned to get direct sunlight.

Looking for an even more eco-friendly way to keep employee time records? Acroprint’s exclusive Green Guard™ brand time cards are made from 30% post consumer recycled content and feature antimicrobial technology. Designed to be used with any standard side-print time recorder, Acroprint Green Guard time cards pair perfectly with the Acroprint Solar Powered Model SP125 time recorder to form a complete earth-friendly time and attendance solution. Green Guard cards are offered in packs of 200 and 400 with both single-sided and double-sided options.

About Acroprint Time Recorder Company

Acroprint Time Recorder Company is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of time and attendance solutions with more than 1,000 dealers/distributors across the United States and products that are exported to 70 foreign countries. A family-owned company in business since 1969, Acroprint provides high quality workforce solutions worldwide through continuous improvements, innovations, and individual initiatives.

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