RALEIGH, NC — Acroprint Time Recorder Company is pleased to announce the availability of the new ATR360 and ATR240 employee time clocks.

ATR360 Biometric Punch Clock

The ATR360 is a top-loading punch clock that uses familiar time cards for recordkeeping purposes and offers a biometric fingerprint scanner to eliminate costly “buddy punching.” Employees simply press their enrolled finger against the fingerprint scanner on the ATR360. Once their fingerprint has been scanned and accepted, the time will be printed on their time card.

Buddy punching occurs when one employee clocks in or out for another who is not present. Each year, companies lose thousands of dollars to buddy punching. A 2008 Nucleus Research study revealed at least 19% of employees admit to participating in the practice. Biometric verification can virtually eliminate buddy punching, but has traditionally only been available on computer-based time tracking systems.

This innovative clock allows employers who prefer to use traditional time cards to enjoy the money-saving benefits of biometric verification, all with one self-contained time clock. There is no PC required and no software to install.

The ATR360 also includes a proximity reader that allows the use of either proximity badges or convenient key fobs to identify employees. Once their badge or key fob has been read and accepted, the time will be printed on their timecard.

The ATR240 offers the same basic features as the ATR360, without the biometric or proximity readers.

Both the ATR360 and the ATR240 feature a large backlit digital time display that’s easy to read even from a distance. Two-color printing identifies early and late punches. They have a built-in musical chime to signal shift changes, breaks or lunch. These clocks automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time changes. They can optionally be equipped with a battery backup to allow punches even during a power failure.

Click here for more information about the ATR360 biometric time clock and the ATR240 electronic time clock.

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