To eliminate costly “buddy punching” many employers have turned to biometric technology for their time and attendance tracking. As we head into cold and flu season, some workers may be concerned about clocking in or out using a fingerprint or hand-scan biometric device, possibly picking up germs from one of their colleagues.

Acroprint’s timeQplus FaceVerify eliminates hygiene concerns while offering affordable, accurate workforce management.

Employees clock in and out simply by looking into the facial recognition terminal. No touching necessary; it’s all totally hands-free, quick, easy and accurate. Employees no longer need to worry about contracting the flu, a cold or other illness from touching a biometric device after a sick co-worker. Employers enjoy the increased productivity of a healthier workforce.

As Cathy Villari, Human Resources Manager at Controlled Inspections in Elmsford, NY puts it, “FaceVerify is touch-free, so grimy hands are no longer an issue. It’s been great to use. We love it and plan to buy more!”

timeQplus FaceVerify Offers Additional Benefits

In addition to helping reduce the spread of colds and flu among employees, timeQplus FaceVerify offers time and money saving benefits to employers.

For instance, Miles Shiver of Duke City Redi-Mix in Moriarty, NM noted, “The biggest advantage is being sure that people aren’t punching each other in. There’s no way for people to punch each other in, as they can with timecards or badges. If people are late, now we know they’re late.”

With automatic totaling of employee work time, a variety of detailed reports and easy export to most popular payroll programs and services, timeQplus FaceVerify will save time, streamline processes and eliminate costly clerical errors from your payroll processing. This can significantly cut expenses. In fact, many employers find their new system has paid for itself in a matter of months.

Shiver continues, “With the peace of mind it brings we think it was a good value.”

Powered by timeQplus Software

The timeQplus FaceVerify bundle includes the powerful timeQplus time and attendance software. This software offers an intuitive user interface, quick do-it-yourself installation and advanced features such as work codes, multi-lingual support, payroll exports and multiple options for data collection, overtime, shifts and pay periods.

In addition to FaceVerify, the timeQplus product suite includes options supporting magnetic stripe, barcode and proximity badges, fingerprint and hand geometry biometrics, as well as convenient PC-punch.

Acroprint’s timeQplus suite of time and attendance solutions provides employers with an affordable, easy and reliable means of recording, tracking and reporting employee work time and attendance during flu season and year-round.

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