RALEIGH, NC — Acroprint Time Recorder Company is pleased to announce the latest addition to their lineup of data collection terminals: the TQ600HID proximity terminal. These terminals work with HID proximity badges and integrate easily with both timeQplus® Network Time and Attendance Software and the popular AcroTime® Online Time Clock service.

HID proximity technology is widely used by businesses, educational institutions and security firms for a variety of applications. With the addition of a TQ600HID terminal, organizations can now use their existing HID badges with their Acroprint timeQplus or AcroTime time and attendance system, as well as for personnel identification, access control, vending, and more. The durable badges are long-lived and can easily be used to create photo IDs.

The terminal comes complete with all necessary cables, adapter and mounting hardware. The timeQplus Network software or AcroTime subscription can be purchased separately. Two styles of HID badges are also available in packs of 15 badges.

About timeQplus

The timeQplus Software package offers advanced features such as job costing, multi-level user permissions and configurable shift rules. The software offers users many options for data recording, including: PC-punch, badge terminals (magnetic stripe, bar code, RIFD proximity and HID proximity), and biometric terminals (fingerprint, hand geometry and facial recognition). For maximum flexibility, organizations can mix-and-match data collection methods on the same system. For more information, visit the timeQplus information page

About AcroTime

AcroTime is a web-based subscription service offering enterprise-quality time tracking and HR tools, made affordable for organizations of all sizes. Accessible anytime, anywhere you have Internet access, AcroTime is ideal for businesses with remote or mobile workers or multiple locations. Data collection options include web-punch, mobile app, proximity terminals (RFID or HID) and biometric terminals (fingerprint and hand geometry). For more information, visit the AcroTime website.

About Acroprint

Acroprint Time Recorder Company is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of workforce management solutions with more than 1,000 dealers/distributors across the United States and products that are exported to 80 foreign countries. Our products are used daily by millions of employees around the globe to accurately record their time and attendance. A family-owned company headquartered in Raleigh, NC, Acroprint has been helping businesses save time and money on labor management since 1969.

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