ARES V rounds tracking systems

Acroprint Time Recorder Company is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the improved ARES V and ARES V Express guard tour systems. These popular rounds-tracking systems have been upgraded to offer USB connectivity with the PC for easier downloading of data.

Both systems are ideal for guards and other security personnel, hospital and nursing home staff, cleaning crews — any situation where you need to be able to verify when your personnel have visited specific locations. The ARES V system adds incident recording capabilities. By using an optional incident recording pad, personnel can note the conditions, status or situations observed at each station. You can program up to 9,999 incident codes to capture the level of detail you require.

Both ARES models use iButton technology to record the time and location of each check-in. Simply touch the end of the recorder to the iButton installed at each station and the recorder notes the date, time and place. Plug the recorder in to the convenient data cradle to download all recorded contact points to the PC using the included Windows-based software.

Both systems feature the lightweight yet rugged M8000 recorder. Weighing less than six ounces, and measuring less than four inches long by two inches wide, the M8000 recorder fits easily into the palm of your hand or a pocket. Made of sturdy reinforced Lexan® polycarbonate, the M8000 is resistant to water, grease, dirt and dust.

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